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"Shit shit shit!!!" A busty young woman barged into her home in a panic, a young child looking up in confusion as the woman bounded up the stairs before looked down, her top gone, exposing her C-cup breasts in the racy red bra. "Samson, I need some help, come on!!!"
"...Okay, sis..." The young boy got up and headed up stairs and watched as the woman tore through her room with panic before asking. "What happened this time?"
"Brad, the cameraman, made a huge mistake of labeling my recent modeling career as a maternity one as well and it was WAY too late now as some photographer wants me to model for his latest maternity line EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT!!!" Samson nodded his head as he had seen her use a specialized pill to give herself a pregnancy for three full days, using the same amount of pills that were required for her shots. This day was bad as the landlady had recently taken a huge crate of drugs and medications from all the patrons, including the pills as she didn't realize that she had taken a legal drug, under the belief that it was bad.
"Well, bad news, landlady dropped by and took them while you were gone..."
"WHAT?!?" Just as fast as she undressed, she quickly got dressed and booked out the door, leaving Samson to clean up for her while he waited. Despite his young age, he was quite mature and honest with the both of them, he knew that she couldn't let the job go and was sorry for leaving him behind with all her school books and work, but he didn't mind as she was just busy and needed all she can get from the high-paying job. After two hours, she finally returned in a saddened mood as she settled on the couch with Samson asking. "It didn't work, did it?"
"...No, it didn't... meaning that my modeling career is done..."
"Don't worry, we'll think of something to keep on going." The woman moaned as she fell backwards with a whine.
"If only there was a way to keep my job and ensure that I can always..." She stopped and sat back up slowly with a realization. "Samson...?"
"Could you... adjust yourself to my body?"
"NO!" Samson leapt to his feet as he continued in deny. "No no no, we have gone over this a hundred times, I am NOT going through with my coding and you can not convince me otherwise, Tia!"
"But Samson!!!" She rushed after him and knocked on his door in a pleading manner. "Please, I know that we both agreed to not use your 'form' for any selfish methods, but I really want to keep this job, can't you help a 'sister' out?"
"Look, even if I go through with this, you have the common habit of taking it TOO far, we get connected and you go hardcore on the whole thing!"
"...Please, Samson...?"
"..." He couldn't deny her as she was 'family' and he needed to help because he liked this life as well and would hate to be kicked to the street. "...Fine, just keep some of me stored so that I have a easy way back."
"OH, THANK YOU!!!" Tia bounced up and down with glee as Samson opened the door and both headed into the bathroom and undressed from their clothing. Though it looked to be incest, Samson revealed otherwise as his skin turned lime green and his legs lost their form until he was a blob of green slime which then shot out a large chuck of itself into a glass container that Tia was holding before she sealed it shut and hid it back in the secret alcove that they had before she sat down with legs spread across and fingers spreading open her womanhood for the Samson blob to move toward and push in, her moans a pleasant sound as the entrance was easy and Samson massaged the cervix open so the he slipped right in, stimulating pregnancy by developing a protective cocoon around him and extending out a slime-like umbilical that formed the needed source connecting both of them together.

Tia orgasm all over the floor and panted as she rubbed the pregnancy belly she had gained. "Don't worry, Samson, I will not betray your trust like last time, that was a complete disaster."
'You and me both...' Tia nodded before getting up and cleaning up the mess before heading to her room and started to sort through her wardrobe. 'So which outfit are you planning on using to get to your model shot?'
"Well, I am debating between a causal dress to briefly cover my pregnancy and let the belly breaths easily, a sports bra and shorts to display it with pride and get fit at the same time, or a more daring attire like that succubus costume that you made for me last Halloween, what do you think?"
'Hmmm...' As if rubbing the contents from inside, Samson debated the options before deciding on one, his movement needed to get a real pregnancy. 'Go with the sports attire, it should be eay to exchange at the model shot.'
"Okay, yeah, that is a good idea." Grabbing the clothing, she slipped on her racy red panties before pulling the bra tightly onto the now D-cups and pulling the shorts up into place with a sigh of relief. "Okay, let's do this, Samson!"
'Of course...' Slipping on some tennis shoes, Tia bolted out of the apartment, locking the door and jogging to the modeling agency, ready for anything...


Tia was ready, but not THIS ready as she was posing as usual for the photos, but she was given a small range of clothing to wear, starting off with the classic 'Waiting for you' maternal pic in a casual nightie and panties, raising the bar with a spicy set of lingerie, bending forward and lounging with passionate as if 'I am waiting for you...' was being issued.
It got a lot weirder as she was soon dressed in cosplay, experiencing a hell of a makeover as she was stripped bare and were changed into a Felicia figure, her hair dyed red with the straps a light green with the ears and tail moving like a separate being as she posed much like the character. "Why does the client want a pregnant Felicia for their maternity collection...Nyan?"
"Beats us, but the guy looked like he was both wanting to spread his line and also add more spice to the bedroom, now lounge like a cat with a hand on the belly."
"Will do!" Tia continued the shots of both sexually attraction and maternity cuteness of a video game character. After that, she was back to wearing more causal wear once more, but the basic theme was nighttime wear, things that made her comfortable late in her 'pregnancy' and the cosplay thing was actually a idea for sleep wear, but the client forgot to remove it before sending it in.
Despite that, Tia was having an excellent time as she posed, strode, and flaunted her body as a model for the shots, not pushing too far into them for any 'sexual' relief...


Later, in the night, Tia returned home in her sports attire and laid down on the couch with a puff of relief. "That was exhausting, I thought it was simple."
'Big time, Tia, I didn't even know that there was a Felicia outfit ready for you.'
"Well, it was an accident, one that the client apologized for by giving the whole thing to me, something like 'spicing my sex life' a bit more."
'Well, one thing is still certain, it could have been better...'
"You and me both..." Tia said as she stood to open her fridge and grabbed an unopened water bottle, opened it, and started to drink it with relief. "Ahh... That is so much better." She laid back down, a hand lazily rubbing the pregnant belly with ease. "You know, I like this when I am bloated like this, we should..."
'Say that we should do it more often, you have another thing coming as I am not your play thing, 'sister', not one bit.'
"I'm just saying!" Tia sighed as Samson squirmed in anger, apologizing every now and then that she would get more pills for her false pregnancy and let him free very soon, just hoping that she didn't forget, else she gets stuck with a very upset blob that could sabotage her big time...

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